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  • mseries-crack-sealer-machine

    M-Series Crack Sealer

  • r3-asphalt-crack-router™ Asphalt Crack Router

    R3™ Asphalt Crack Router

  • x2-compressor

    X2™ Carry-on Compressor

  • meseries-mastic-melters

    ME-Series™ Mastic Melters

Quickest block to blacktop melting process. Cimline™ melter applicator gets your crew “road ready” faster than anyone in the pavement maintenance industry. In addition, Cimline has the quietest and easiest to use asphalt crack sealing machine making the Cimline M-Series™ Melters the preferred choice by contractors and municipalities alike for being both community and operator friendly. Contractors around the world give high praise over the lower loading height, simple control systems and operator comfort of the Cimline M-Series Crack Sealers. Whether you are working on a street, highway, bridge, or parking lot, crack sealing with a Cimline hot-applied rubberized asphalt crack sealer and crack filler is by far the best way to prevent water ingression and further damage which leads to potholes and pavement depressions. Cimline road crack sealing equipment will help you adhere to OSHA, Department of Transportation (DOT), and Federal Specifications with asphalt crack sealing machines and equipment that extends the life your asphalt, while controlling dust and silica exposure. Efficient and safe contractors choose Cimline pavement maintenance preparation equipment. The first step in the crack filling and sealing process is routing a reservoir. Our safety oriented Cimline R3™ Asphalt Crack Router includes an anti-kickback and dust suppression system as standard. Our innovative mobile compressor makes preparing roadways for crack sealant easy, and it’s also capable of operating most common air tools. Eliminating organic materials by cleaning the damaged asphalt with a Cimline Heat Lance is a critical step, prior to applying any rubberized asphalt crack sealant material. Contractors rave about the operator ease of use of our Cimline  M-Series™ Crack Sealers, which range from 150 to 410-gallons capacities. Simple and safe operation makes Cimline melter applicator the preferred pavement maintenace choice by contractors and municipalities alike. Mastic patching and asphalt crack sealing has never been easier than with the pavement maintenance industry’s only combination machine. Source your aggregate locally and save money. Since the majority of any mastic material is aggregate, you will save significantly more money using a Cimline mastic system. The Cimline system allows you to source the lowest cost per ton local aggregate that meets county, state, and federal department of transportation (DOT) specifications.
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