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Crack Sealing Products

ME3™ Mastic Melter Machine


  • Large 350-gallon tank for higher productivity
  • Complete-sweep agitator and extruder for complete material mixing and superior aggregate suspension
  • Easy to use controls for quick training
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame with low center of gravity for easier towing
  • Primed and painted with High visibility green automotive paint is safer and provides lasting protection of your investment


  • Made in the USA with pride and union labor
  • Adjustable hitch with 3” pintle ring
  • Propane heated rear chute keeps material hot and flowing
  • Complete insulated tank and firing chamber
  • 340,000 BTU diesel burner
  • 6” diameter dispensing gate with guillotine shut off plate
  • Overnight heating blanket for early AM startups
  • Automatic temperature control with self igniting burners
  • Tools included: hand held torch igniter, chute scraper, 10”X8” drag box and 12”X6” flat iron
ME3 Mastic Melter Machine