5 Reasons We Love the Cimline MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer

Road managers know that the longitudinal joint is the weakest link in the pavement chain. Because of its permeability, the joint is subjected to air and water that work their way down, causing cracks, deterioration, and the dreaded pothole.

Although frail, longitudinal joints are critical in asphalt pavement construction, and proper sealing is critical in preventing air and water infiltration. Early intervention reduces the risk of premature deterioration, increasing the lifespan of the road.

By using Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM) technology and the best melter applicator, this problem can be fixed from the bottom up. The right applicator is designed for efficient operation, ensuring that it can melt and apply joint sealer quickly and effectively, saving time and resources during road maintenance projects.

Cimline’s MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer is the best in its class. It’s intuitive interface, durable construction, reliable accuracy, and quiet operation makes it an easy winner in the construction industry.

Top five reasons we know you’ll love the Cimline MA4 Joint Sealer:

  1. User-Friendly

    Setting-up and operating the Cimline M4 is simple, from its electronic interface to its efficient application. Within seconds, the application bar can be set to the appropriate width, making operation smooth and effective. And? The MA4 is easy to maintain, contributing to an all-around positive user experience.
  1. No CDL License Needed

    The Cimline MA4 is the first and only towable VRAM applicator that doesn’t require a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate. Employees who don’t want to or cannot obtain a CDL because of medical restrictions, time constraints, personal preferences, etc. can still operate the MA4 longitudinal sealer.
  1. Money-Saving

    … and we’re not just talking price point. The Cimline MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer is built with high-quality materials that hold up for the long haul. And because the MA4 is towable and needs no CDL license to operate, say goodbye to pricy alternatives such as contracting the work out. No more expensive trucks and marked up material. Take control of the pace, sealing what needs to get done for the day.
  1. Precise

    The MA4 will dispense accurately, no matter who’s driving. With the handy speed encoder, indicator lights will let drivers know if they are traveling too fast to dispense material correctly. The ability to apply the joint sealer precisely along longitudinal joints is crucial for the effectiveness of the sealing process


  1. Community Minded

    With its Clean Tier IV compliant diesel engine, the Cimline MA4 runs at the lowest possible RPM for a stellar combination of performance and fuel economy. “Best in class” means the MA4 is up to 40% quitter than the competition.


The Cimline MA4 puts YOU in control: Your crew, your truck, your budget. When you tow the Cimline MA4 on your time, with a non-CDL driver from your crew and buy your own material, you have more control over the total costs, resulting in more profits. Freed from the constraints of contractors.

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