Cimline’s spray injection process stands as the premier choice for permanent repairs on roadways, highways, bridges, and parking areas. This innovative process requires only 1-2 operators and delivers permanent patches in minutes, all without the need for compaction. Featuring DuraPatcher™ Technology with virtually no moving parts and the Vent-Flo™ nozzle ensuring the precise amount of emulsion-coated aggregate, our melter applicator offers a fast block-to-blacktop melting process, ideal for getting crews “road ready” quickly. Our M-Series™ melters are known for their quiet, user-friendly operation, lowest load height in the pavement maintenance industry , making them a preferred choice among contractors and municipalities alike. Additionally, crack sealing with our hot-applied rubberized asphalt crack sealer helps prevent water ingress and further damage. For seamless operations, we provide top-quality emulsion storage solutions, including tanks and applicators. Notably, our MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer stands out as the industry’s first and only towable Longitudinal Joint Sealer. Our commitment to innovation extends to our centerline rumble strips, where VRAM works from the bottom-up. After placement of hot mix asphalt, the heat causes material to migrate upward, filling voids around the rumble strip and reducing permeability.

Cimline and DuraPatcher


Pothole Patching:

Cimline's spray injection process offers the best permanent repair for roadways, highways, bridges, or parking areas. With as few as 1-2 operators, our machines deliver permanent patches in minutes without the need for compaction. DuraPatcher™ Technology means virtually no moving parts, and our Vent-Flo™ nozzle provides emulsion-coated aggregate with just the right amount of emulsion

Crack Sealing:

Our melter applicator offers the quickest block-to-blacktop melting process, getting your crew "road ready" faster. Our M-Series™ melters are quiet and easy to use, making them the preferred choice for contractors and municipalities. Crack sealing with a Cimline hot-applied rubberized asphalt crack sealer is the best way to prevent water ingress and further damage.

Emulsion Storage:

Cimline offers a comprehensive range of top-quality emulsion storage solutions, from tanks to applicators, designed to maximize productivity and ensure seamless operations.

Asphalt Pavement:

No CDL needed. Control the paving process with the industry's 1st and only towable Longitudinal Joint Sealer (LJS).

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