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  • MA4

    MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer

No CDL (commercial driver’s license) needed. When VRAM (Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane) is required, you can control this critical step of the paving process with the pavement maintenance industry’s 1st and only towable Longitudinal Joint Sealer(LJS). Since our Cimline  MA4™ Longitudinal Joint Sealer can be towed with a one-ton work truck, no CDL is required for this part of your Hot-Mix Asphalt(HMA) project. Also, no tanker endorsements are required for your driver due to the size of the tank. No need to subcontract this portion of the project when using Cimline’s longitudinal joint control sealing equipment, the industry’s simplest longitudinal joint. The Cimline MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer enables paving crews to invest in joint sealing, freeing them from expensive alternatives. Eliminate sub-contractor mark-ups, high cost structure, and delays when you own the Cimline’s asphalt paving equipment. Control the pace and only seal what is needed for the day so motorists are not exposed to slick centerlines. Even on remote jobs you will be ready to go at a moment’s notice, since the MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer works well with bulk material and material in solid block form, allowing you to have material available roadside. Save money and increase profits by taking control of joint sealing on your asphalt pavement projects.
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