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Crack sealing products

ME1™ Mastic Melter Machine


  • Heats up material to application temperature in as little as 45 minutes
  • 60-gallon tank for small to mid sized jobs
  • Complete-sweep™ agitator and extruder for complete material mixing and superior aggregate suspension
  • Easy to use controls for quick training
  • Oil jacketed heat transfer oil system for even and safe heating of materials
  • Digital temperature control monitors oil and material temperatures ensuring precise and reliable temperature control


  • Made in the USA with pride
  • 9.5hp gas engine and diesel burner
  • Completely insulated tank and firing chamber
  • 250,000 BTU diesel burner, 45 minute heat up time
  • 6” diameter dispensing gate with guillotine shut off plate
  • Automatic temperature control with self igniting burners
  • 7 gallon diesel tank for fewer refills
  • Compact footprint with casters or skid mounting capability