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Pothole Patching

Traffic ready in minutes. Permanent patching solutions at the lowest operating costs in the industry. Combined with the lowest operating costs, our innovative solutions help you stay proactive by patching potholes before they become a higher cost repair.

Unlike less effective methods of patching such as cold-applied, or “throw and roll,” Cimline’s state-of-the-art spray injection process is the only permanent repair for your roadway, highway, bridge, or parking area. With as little as a crew of 1-2 operators, permanent patches can be delivered by a single machine that preps and installs a patch in minutes without the need for compaction. With virtually no moving parts as part of our DuraPatcher Technology, Cimline uses an air-driven system to deliver emulsion and aggregate to the street. Our Vent-Flo™ nozzle provides emulsion-coated aggregate with just the right amount of emulsion regardless of aggregate size.

Source your aggregate locally and save money. Since the majority of any pothole patch is aggregate, you will save money with Cimline’s system, which allows you to source the lowest cost per ton local aggregate that meets county, state, and federal department of transportation (DOT) specifications. Cimline’s spray-injection permanent pothole patching process provides a year-round option regardless of the temperature or climate. Hot, cold, wet, or dry, we will help you save money year round with locally sourced options for your road, highway, or parking lot.

Efficient and safe contractors choose Cimline’s prep equipment. Our innovative mobile compressor makes preparing roadways easy, and it’s also capable of operating most common air tools. Eliminating organic materials by cleaning the pothole with the Cimline Heat Lance is a critical step, prior to applying a coating of emulsion.

In addition, mastic patching and crack sealing has never been easier than with the industry’s only combination machine. Cimline’s C1 Combination Mastic Machine is the ideal tool not only for the fastest melting and crack sealing, but also for on-demand production of mastic patching material for all road, highway, and parking lot projects. Like Cimline’s spray-injection patchers, the C1 uses locally sourced aggregate of your choice to produce pothole patching mastic on-demand that meets your specifications and extends your patching budget.