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Crack Sealing Products

R3™ Asphalt Crack Router with Dust Control


  • Keeps operators safe with belly-bar hands-fee emergency shut down
  • Higher performance and lower maintenance Kohler® engine
  • Enhanced dust suppression system which is an important part of an OSHA silica dust control program


  • Quick Stop II anti-kickback system that stops all backward travel when handles are released
  • Cut-control option allows you to accurately maintain a consistent cut depth
  • Large tilt-up shroud allows for bit access
  • Dust suppression tank helps mitigate dust during cutting


Due to continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Engine: 27 HP OHV Kohler(Gas)
Dust Supression Tank: 10 Gallons
Air-Cleaner: Dual Dry-Element
Pre-Cleaner: Rotating Vane, 98% Contaminant Removal
Cutter Drive Pulleys: 4 Groove
Cutter Drive Belts: 3V Section Banded
Drum Shaft Diameter: 1-11/16” Cold Rolled Steel
Drum Shaft Bearings: 1-11/16” Dual Roller Timkens
Depth Control: 12V DC Ball Screw Actuator
Pivoting Axle: 1-1/4” Dia. With Machined Spindles

Axle Bearings: 1-1/4” Split Babbit Style
Wheels/Tires: 4.80 x 8 (6” Dia.) Highway Rated
Wheel Bearings: Tapered Roller Bearings w/ Seal
Fuel Capacity: 6.75 US Gallons
Drum Size: 2 Ea. 1-3/16” x 12” Dia., Surface Ground
Bit Pins: 6 Ea. 7/8” Dia. Hardened Pins
Cutting Width, Depth: ½” to 2” Wide, 0 to 1-1/2” Deep
Drum Capacity: 6 Ea. 4.75” to 5” Dia. Carbide Cutters
Dimensions (l x w x h): 44” x 32.75” x 47”
Shipping Weight (lbs): 550 Lbs., Dry
Options: Hour Meter, Gauge Package

Crack Sealing Machine